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Highlighting yarns made in sustainable fiber mills across the United States, Christina's thoughtful patterns are designed to last. Readers will pick up quality-enhancing tricks for one-of-a-kind sweaters, scarves, hats, tanks, shawls and more. This book presents an incredible deal for knitters, who would pay over $100 to purchase the same number of Christina's patterns online individually. Rather than quick, throw-away knits, these are versatile projects readers can return to again and again. From a striped pullover with a modern drawstring collar, to a belted cardigan with a timeless shape, these garments will be a satisfying challenge for advanced beginners and an absolute pleasure for experienced knitters. This collection goes beyond the patterns, connecting readers with the yarn spinners, dyers and producers behind the scenes, adding an extra layer of meaning to every project. Christina's tips for sourcing long-lasting, quality yarns at any price point, make it easy for knitters to create something special for their own closet, and craft much-loved pieces for family and friends. This book has 15 patterns and 60 photographs

SKU: 9781624148729                                           Format:  Paperback

Date Published: 24/09/ 2019                               Number of Pages: 144

Trim Size:  w 204mm h 229mm d 11mm

Illustrations: 15 patterns and 60 photographs

Publisher: Page Street Publishing Co., Essex, United States